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Issue No.: 576 | June 2015



In this issue ...

It is with a deep sense of loss that we inform our readers of the...

Tribute to S. V. Raju


Nurturing a Tradition

Jehangir Patel
They were two disparate people. Minoo Masani was thoughtful, insightful, oft times stubborn statesma...

Fond Reminiscences of our dear Editor ...

We were flooded with messages from Mr. S. V. Raju’s friends within hours of his...

Raju and Freedom First

Ashok Karnik
S. V. RAJU became synonymous with the Freedom First when he ado...

Remembering Raju

Firoze Hirjikaka
It was with deep sadness and shock that I learnt that S. V. Raju tragically...

Guntur Remembers Raju

Members of the Guntur chapter of the Liberal Group along with...

Tribute to S. V. Raju



I am deeply grieved and shocked to learn of the sudden passing away of my...

The National Scene


NDA’s Management of the Economy – More of the Same

Ranga Kota
A large number of NDA’s claimed success stories are made out of tweaking several initiatives...

Agrarian Crisis – Rural Distress – and All That

Sunil S. Bhandare
The best way is to move towards more strategic buffer stock operations and not judge national...

Rahul Resurgent

Firoze Hirjikaka
Whether by intention or sublimely during his sabbatical, realisation seems to have dawned on Rahul...

The Year That Was ...

H. R. BapuSatyanarayana
Modi appears to have touch of a genius for he comes up with some unique...

The Rural Perspective


Agriculture and Rural Indebtedness - VIII

R. M. Mohan Rao
Freedom from British Rule did little to improve the lot of the farmer. This is...

Point Counter Point : Every issue has at least two sides



Ashok Karnik
The trial of Lakhvi has assumed farcical tones.....In international matters, we appear a little chil......

Being Salman Khan

Ashok Karnik
Salman Khan’s conviction (May 6) for rash and negligent driving ....Salman’s charity and good beh......

Farmers’ Suicides

Ashok Karnik
The suicides of farmers have awakened the country .... It has become a political necessity to...

Foreign Relations in the 21st Century


Modi Goes to China: Development at Home and Peace on the Border

B. Ramesh Babu
As of now India has no option but to continue with its double edged China...

ISIS - A New Threat

Ashok Karnik
We do not comprehend the mindset that allows the crudest form of violence like beheadings,...

Dawood’s Return?

Ashok Karnik
Dawood’s extradition case is also much misunderstood. How can a country that denies his presence...

Swastika: Whose Symbol Is It Any Way?

Nitin G. Raut
... simply because Nazis have demonized the Swastika, even the Hindu and Buddhist Swastika can...

The Swatantra Party in Gujarat - A Historical Perspective


The Swatantra Party in Gujarat: A Shooting Star (Part II)

Usha Thakkar
Politics of castes remained important. The feeling of newcomers taking away power from old workers...



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